Hello! Thank you for visiting Lift! I am Evan Hampton. I call Jacksonville, FL home with my wife Christina, and our two sons, Brantley and Beckett. 

I created Lift Apparel Co. with the mission to pump some positive, good news back into the world. It seems like we are inundated with horrible news in politics, death, catastrophic weather, etc. We have forgotten how to value life...and value each other. I'm not seeking to change the world. I just want to help change someone's world, and change it positively!

As crazy as this may sound to some, the idea for Lift Apparel Co. came to me in a dream. I strongly believe it was placed there by our Heavenly Father. Now, I've been known to have weird dreams, so I didn't think of this dream for Lift any differently. However, as the days went on, it just kept coming back to me. The more I thought about it, the more I truly thought I could do it. God doesn't give us an idea for no reason, so it's up to us to act on it! This is me acting on it. Much like Ray Kinsella had his "If You Build It, He Will Come" moment in Field of Dreams. (That is the best universal reference I could come up with, and I'm running with it.)

We exist in the truth that people are good. That kindness and a positive attitude can create a lasting impact that starts in one's heart and ripples outward to others. It's an impact that causes all who feel it to be encouraged and uplifted.

Lift Apparel Co. is not just about a message on a piece of clothing, but about being a light in our world. It's all about making people feel comfortable in more ways than one. Encourage one another. Keep smiling. Keep moving forward. Keep positive. Positivity is infectious!

Thank you for visiting Lift!

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